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Radiatation protection

Dear Customer,

After 25 years of successful service and sales of radiation protection products, we decided to handover this division to our Swiss manufacturer, Lanz-Anliker AG. As of 1st January 2016 they will distribute these products directly to you. Lanz-Anliker AG produced all radiation protection aprons and disposes for us since the beginning. Therefore, they have the required know-how and the competence to support you accordingly.

We, Wiroma AG, will focus our future activities exclusively on sales and maintenance of our X-Ray equipment.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and kindly ask you to extend your confidence also to Lanz-Anliker AG!


Choose from two different types:

- Standard lead

- Light lead (X-light)


Flyer protective clothing.pdf

CT Eye protection & TS.pdf

EC Certificate.pdf

Approval certificate.pdf             

Your Advantages

  • 2 years guarantee on the aprens